Quality Policy

We are moving further into our training to reinforce and improve our competencies and update the knowledge. These trainings are provided by competent organizations.
In other words, these trainings continue throughout the year.
In addition to acquiring new knowledge, our employees are also continuing to develop their personal development using professional self-reflection.
The service and maintenance work being done by our company is made by the staff in accordance with the international technical standards specified by the manufacturer company and the legal instructions as a result of the certification.
We are continuing our work with a working principle that aims to improve our service and maintenance activities with constant education by means of understanding the quality of the people as a quality policy and making the investment as a basic principle.

Our Basic Quality Principles;

1 - To establish, implement and execute effective quality management systems in all processes of our company to serve in the sustainable shelter sector at international standards level.
2 - ISO 9001: 2015 To ensure that the quality management system is effective and that it is able to achieve and maintain the applicable conditions by continuously checking and validating the effectiveness of the quality management system.

3 - Products and services we provide; to maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level, to manage customer feedback effectively, to provide quality service in a timely manner with the most efficient use of human power source and to create a quality management system aiming to improve continuously.

4 - Trainings for continuous development; to raise awareness in all parts of the society about the benefits provided by these activities and to ensure that they spread to the bases and thus to form an institutional culture.

5 - To determine the progressive and preventive approaches that will improve our performance by passing the personnel and work self-assessment process in the scope of continuous improvement of our business processes.

6 - To keep pace with technological developments that are constantly evolving and renewing and to develop and support the employees in a way that will keep pace with these innovations.
7 - To be aware of the fact that it is not enough to focus on customer satisfaction in the given quality of service; to ensure that awareness of environmental health is the principle of consciousness, and that the main issues of the same parallel work health and safety issues are adopted by all company employees.