Tower & Blade Service

The tower and nacelle require value preserving and function securing care, like every other system component. The work related pollution and possible moulding or oiling inside the nacelle and tower make the cleaning inevitable. Therefor we do an interior and exterior cleaning of the tower and several other components.

On other parts we are examining and renewing the anticorrosive on steel or lattice tower. We check hybrid tower, in cracks we analyze there and offer them a proffessinonal repair.

Our department "SPECIAL UNIT" manages all jobs on the rotor blade with expertise, hight sense for security as well as experience. these skills are requirement for a long lifetime of the blades. These skills are requirement for a long lifetime of blades. Scheduling this work on regular basis reduces the runing costs noticeably. The assessment of damages, repair, the inspection of the lightning protection system and the replacements of airflow elements are part of these works.